I was just inquiring with Uncle Google as to what upcoming holiday after Valentine's Day will cost me money.

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It appears the world has gone mad with the gift giving, or maybe it was already mad.  Saint Patrick's Day came up as a day of celebration that 'often includes gift giving'.  It's not enough that we had Christmas followed by Valentine's Day, with potential birthdays and anniversaries mixed in between, now we have to buy people green things?

Obviously we don't have to buy anyone anything, but how many more holidays have to be commercialized?  I'm half Irish and I barely even celebrate the damn day, I would never expect a gift on it and certainly had better not receive one from someone.  Though, I do like whisky and really most of the people I know who celebrate it just get drunk and wear green attire.

It's become traditional in many Catholic countries to give gifts on the day of all things green.  If gift giving is your thing, you might have already known that, but if not, the internet is of course full of gift options.

Etsy has you covered with items like shirts, mugs, jewelry and accessories, shamrock chocolates, and even leprechaun poop which I'm sure the kids will enjoy.  Speaking of kids, if your gift giving is all about them, check out this video to get it done on the cheap.

On Saint Patrick's Day don't expect anything from me, but if you happen to be near my place on your drunken adventures, stop by and I'll pour you a shot of Jameson Black Barrel.

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