The argument could be made that a library isn't a place for things like playing video games or showing movies.  I feel though that in a time of people having their face buried in phones, maybe the answer to getting more people to the library is to branch out and try different events to bring people in.  Then they can see what the library currently has to offer.

It's getting closer to February 2nd, the famed Groundhog Day, is celebrated in the US and Canada and was made ever more popular by the 1993 film starring Bill Murray.  In celebration of this day and what is a great film, the Duluth Public Library is showing it for free on Groundhog Day from 6:00PM-8:00PM.  It will be held at the Mount Royal Branch in their Blue Room located at 105 Mt. Royal Shopping Circle.  Bring the kids especially if they have never seen this now classic film before.

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