In an effort to add to my bourbon and whiskey collection at home, this week I grabbed a bottle of Tin Cup American Whiskey.  I've enjoyed just grabbing bottles that I've never tried or haven't heard much about, and this bottle came with it's own tin cup that's about shot glass size.

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Usually I spend a little time reading the tags or labels on them and at a glance Tin Cup had a sign saying it blends two great American whiskeys.  It's a combo of High-rye bourbon from Indiana, and Colorado single malt whiskey.  They claim it even has a touch of Rocky Mountain water in it too, to cut it to it's 84 proof.

Straight up, it does have a little bite, as whiskey should, it goes down smooth though.  On the rocks, it's also decent, but I feel it would pair well with a beer as a bump.  You can definitely taste the caramel in it, and there is a spice that let's you know it's there, but isn't overly intense.


For the price tag of about $30.00, it's not a bad buy in my opinion.  Though it's not one I'm going to add to my "must have on hand" list.  Sipping on it some more in the straight up form while typing this, I am further appreciating the crossing of the bourbon and single malt.  I am after all a fan of both, it meets in the middle decently.  It's worth trying if you're in a bourbon or whiskey rut and want to change things up, as it's at least on par with other brands of similar price.

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