I was visiting Keyport Liquor the other day, not on a wine run for my significant other like usual.  This was just a simple garage party beer run, and of course got to talking whiskey with the staff.

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Eyeballing a $70 bottle of Jameson Distiller's Safe, they asked if I had heard of "Writers' Tears".  I hadn't but was on a beer mission so said I would be back, of course they wanted to show it to me so I wouldn't forget, and home I went with a bottle of Irish Whiskey.

Writers' Tears is 40% single malt and 60% aged whiskies.  It's aged in American Oak bourbon barrels, and is triple distilled.  Per my usual routine of trying a new whiskey or bourbon, I sipped it neat to get the gist of it's taste.   You can definitely taste the oak in this one, and it's pretty smooth with very little bite to it.  There seems to be some hint of apples in it as well in the taste and the smell, or the palate and the nose if you want to get whiskey snobby.  I would even say there is a sweet butterscotch aroma to it.  It's all around enjoyable and I prefer it neat compared to on the rocks.  It's for sure a good companion when it's neat and with a cigar.

It goes for around $40.00 a bottle and that really isn't a bad price considering I've had similar tasting Irish Whiskeys for $60.00 or more.  I'm sure you could make some banging cocktails with it but I really feel like this one is meant to be sipped and enjoyed by itself.  The bottom line is if you like Irish Whiskey and you aren't the type to get mix crazy, you will like Writers' Tears.

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