I only had a old hand me down laptop in my home until a few months ago.  I really didn't even use it much as I can do almost anything I need on my phone or at desktops at my two jobs.  Then one day the hand me down finally quit and I broke down and sprung for a new laptop.  My one job agreed to set me up with all of the Office programs I want and to tie me into their network to work on projects from home if I wanted so I figured, why not?

I didn't spend a fortune but I didn't go too cheap either and opted for an HP.  Everything other than the hour to set it up had been great until a couple of weeks ago when Windows 10 decided it was time to update.

Not only did it lock me out of the computer, it has since been lagging, and overall not performing as well.  I mean, I don't even go to naughty sites on here(I'm typing on it now) and even tonight it is lagging along.  For the little time I have had this laptop I will say I'm not impressed at least with the Windows end of things.  Anyone out there want to help undo what Windows did?

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