Part of the perks of being in radio can be opportunities to test drive different vehicles for various reasons and this month I was able to cruise around in a 2018 Ford Edge for a few days.

Currently my main vehicle is a truck but I have had cars and crossovers and I switch vehicles a lot because I get bored.  As much as I enjoy my truck after a few days in the Edge I was not ready to give it back.

The Edge has good power and handling and it looks pretty damn good too.  I really liked how roomy it is and it has plenty of in cabin storage especially for the driver.  The one I had came with the Power Panoramic Vista Roof and that thing will make you forget sunroofs of the past.  Sync 3 is another great feature that connects your vehicle and your smart device to give you a driving experience that keeps your hands on the wheel but still keeps you connected.

I'm not in the market for one now but if I was looking for a new crossover the Ford Edge would definitely be at the top of my list.

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