As far as films go, I will pretty much watch everything.  As far as Horror films are concerned, I lean more towards the slasher/killer types but will watch most in that genre.  On Facebook you will find plenty of pages and groups that discuss those types of films, but one I'm a big fan of is the Twin Ports Horror Society.

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It started in 2017 being called Twin Ports Horror Movies Fans, and the name changed in later 2020 to what it is now.   It's a group for people living in the Duluth, Superior, and close surrounding areas to, discuss all Horror genre related topics.  At the time of writing this, there are just under 400 members because it's a private group and per the title, it's mostly limited to people from the Twin Ports.

Not only does the group have good discussions about current and upcoming Horror films, a lot of oldie but goodie ones come up a lot too.  The group leader, Cory Jezierski, keeps things on track and goes a step further with the Horror fun.  As often as possible, the Twin Ports Horror Society will host Horror films at Zeitgeist Zinema in Downtown Duluth.  Usually double features, a lot of times it's films that the group voted on and they do a good job selecting some classic Horror staples.

If you're local to the Twin Ports and you share a passion for Horror films, it's definitely a group worth joining.  You can check out the group HERE, and the link to their YouTube page is HERE.

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