Pitchers, and catchers report this week, and with many Twins fans across Minnesota who are trying to shovel their way out from yesterdays snow storm; just hearing that phrase will help people remember that spring is just a few weeks away.

The Minnesota Twins carry a dark cloud of back-to-back last place finishes into 2013, and it wouldn't surprise anyone if they finish in the basement of the American league once again in 2013.

With a pay-roll around $88 million, and with no ligament "ace" in the rotation, and question marks at every position not named left field, catcher and first base; what is the reason to even watch the Twins this season?

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

2013 will be the "rebirth" of the Twins, just like the early 80's Twins were and the renaissance Twins of the 2000. The Twins will have a new center fielder who's last name is not Span, or Revere, but instead will be the highly anticipated Aaron Hicks. Chris Parmelee will got a lot of action in right field, before the Twins trade away the former MVP Justin Morneau in July.

The Twins are not trying to fake fans out, and say they will be in contention this year, because even the front office knows that this team will be called a success if they win 70 games. Instead everyone is looking ahead for 2014 when Alex Meyer, Trevor May will join Scott Diamond in the rotation, and Kyle Gibson will be fully back from Tommy John surgery.

If you are asking yourself should I even go to Target Field or even bother watching them on TV? The answer is complecated, if you are a diehard fan then watch them, because you will watch some young, highly talented players playing in the big leagues for the first time, but if you are a fair weather fan then I would say no.

The Twins have a very great minor league system that was just ranked second by ESPN Kieth Law. Oswaldo Arcia, Miguel Sano, are just a few big name players in the Twins farm system, and lets not forget Bryon Bruxton. The Twins have farm system remind me of the the Twins in the 90's when it produced Doug Mientkiewicz "Chris Parmelee" Torii Hunter "Aaron Hicks", Corey Koskie "Miguel Sano".

So even if the Twins are the door mat of the American League again this year, at least the phrase pitchers and catchers reporting just reminds everyone that summer is just around the corner, and even if the October baseball does not return to the Twin Cities until the earliest 2014, at least this year you get to see some one these young guns that have been hyped up in our farm system; which will make 2014 look amazing.


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