When it comes to having a budget, my response foolishly is usually "what's a budget?".  I'm of course joking when I say that but in reality, I have only a couple of times in my life really truly had a written-out budget.

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A budget of course is a plan taking into account how much money you will make and how much you will spend, usually done on a monthly basis and sometimes yearly.

Having a budget is of course a good idea as it helps an individual or family avoid overspending and also helps with planning for unforeseen expenditures, like a large appliance going out.  It's also a great tool for saving money for larger planned purchases like a vacation or a new vehicle.

While I usually only kind of rough out a budget of sorts, it's not the best way to manage money.  There are plenty of online tools or apps that can of course help with budgeting and many are free to use.  Some banks and credit unions also offer services or help along the lines of budgeting too.  Budgeting can be extremely important when it comes to the holidays to avoid overspending.

Offering some budgeting help for the holidays in the Twin Ports is Whole Foods Co-op Hillside in Duluth.  To help alleviate some financial stress with the upcoming holiday season, they will have a free event with a financial educator.  The goal is of course to help you create and execute a budget.

There is no cost to attend the event happening on Tuesday, November 14th from 5:50-6:30PM but you do need to register in advance here.

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