Gathering in person for Christmas in 2020 is different than in past years.  I just just mean family gatherings, I'm talking about the social events surrounding Christmas that because of the pandemic, just can't be what they usually are.  Old School Lives is not letting that stop them from spreading extra cheer this Christmas season.  Though, they are taking steps to help keep everyone safe.

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They are inviting everyone  who wants, to join them on Saturday, December 12th for their Merry and Bright Drive Through Christmas Light Display.  You don't get much more socially distanced than driving thru, so it's a good way to enjoy some lights while staying safe.  It starts at 5:00PM running until 6:30PM, and you are asked to enter from the North entrance of the Old School Lives parking lot to go through the display.

Towards the end of it, near their kitchen sidewalk, you can then grab dinner for the family which will be chicken pot pies.  Then you exit through the South driveway.  It's totally free to attend and you might even see Santa in your drive, handing out some sweet treats.

They are looking for help setting up lights on Friday the 4th, as well as the 5th if you're available.  They are also accepting light donations which can be dropped off at their office.  To get more information about helping out, you can call them at 218-428-3005.  You can also check out their website HERE.  Old School Lives is located at 9165 Highway 53 in Cotton, MN.

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