This is pretty spooky. A baker from Minnesota will soon grace our television screens on a Food Network hit!

Because Halloween is right around the corner, spooky shows are starting to make the evening lineup again. That means Food Network is bringing back their spooky-themed shows for the time being. One of those is Halloween Baking Championship!

In case you aren't familiar with the show, it is a lot of fun. The show features ten bakers from across the country. They all compete to create spooky Halloween treats, which are in turn rated by a team of famous judges. The last man standing gets $25,000 bucks.

The brand new season premieres on Monday, September 13th. It will be the popular show's seventh season and will take on classic 1980s slasher movies, which are the most iconic in the scary movie world.

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According to the episode description of the season premiere, ten bakers will try to create "cereal killer" pies and giant cakes. The first episode is appropriately-titled "Welcome To Camp Devil's Food Lake" which is a great play on Camp Crystal Lake. (If you know, you know.)

What makes this season even more special is the fact that a baker from Minnesota is one of the ten competitors vying for the big money prize! Her name is Megan Baker, which is an amazing coincidence. Megan and her husband own the Thirsty Whale Bakery in Minneapolis.

Megan shared the big news on the business Facebook page recently, telling everyone to tune in and root for their home state. She even shared a video about the big announcement, beaming with excitement.

According to Megan's biography on the Food Network website, she has won several awards, including taking home top prizes in the National Cake Decorating Championship.

The Thirsty Whale Bakery takes custom orders and does delivery and curbside pickup. They have a ton of cake flavors to choose from and also offer cookies, pastries and other sweets. We definitely know who we are rooting for when the new season premieres!

This isn't Minnesota's first connection to the Food Network by any means but it is still awesome! A Food Network star from various shows on the network recently opened up a bakery in the Miller Hill Mall.

Of course, there have also been a bunch of Northland restaurants featured on one of the biggest Food Network hits. Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives has been to the Duluth area several times, featuring favorites like the Duluth Grill, Shorty's Smoked Pizza & Meat and Gordy's Hi-Hat.

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