The legendary newspaper publisher was an only child – a common trait of mama’s boys – who later took over the reins at the San Francisco Examiner. He went on to accept money from his mother to build up New York Morning Journal and later the Chicago Examiner. He didn’t marry until he was 40 years old and many claimed his affinity for his mom was “unnatural”.


In 2003, Diddy was voted, “Hollywood’s Top Mama’s Boy”. He’s been quoted as saying she’s “like having a sister” who “never really treated me like a kid, but when I needed to be babied, she babied me.” Meanwhile, his mom has said, “He spoils and makes me happy.” Nothing wrong with that. This quote pretty much sums it up for Puff:

I was definitely a mama’s boy; I was dragged into bargain shopping for the right pieces. My aunt was a seamstress. My uncle George was gay. My grandmother did the robes for the church, and she did the hems for the choir – she did them cheaper than the local cleaners. My father was an alcoholic, and he died when I was three.


Hey girl, his parents divorced when he was a child, so he and his older sister lived with their mother. He credits that estrogen-laden upbringing for his ability “to think like a girl”. After getting diagnosed with ADHD, his mother quit her job and homeschooled him. Ryan often takes his mom as his date to a number of red carpet events.



You know the story. If not, here goes: His mom, Norma, told him all women (except herself) are whores. The two of them lived together in a state of total co-dependence after his dad died. Then she takes on a lover, Norman gets jealous and offs ‘em. He keeps her corpse in the house, wears her clothing and goes on his spree. Totally normal. The lesson here, moms? All women might be whores except you, but let the kid bone.



Biebs’ mom was 18 when she was carrying the future pop star and raised him as a single mother with the help of her parents. He’s ‘kept in touch’ with his birth father, who went on to marry and have two kids of his own. You don’t need any further proof than his single, “Mama’s Boy”.



The head of the FBI lived with his mom until he was 40 and frequently rejected the advances of women while rumors continue to circulate about his sexuality.



The Oscar Winner and two-time Sexiest Man Alive has become Hollywood’s Eternal Bachelor. Every time he hooks up with a chick, everyone wonders if this is the girl to ‘break him’. Meanwhile, the one woman he’s stuck with through it all has been his mom, a former beauty pageant queen that frequently escorts him to red carpet events.



The lanky, sheepish son played by Topher Grace is the youngest of two kids – the other being a slutty older sister. His mom’s doting and dealing with separation anxiety while his dad’s a cranky vet. Dad drops the hammer, mom’s there to comfort and console. Sure, he inexplicably had a steady girlfriend for most of the show, and even more ridiculous he broke up with her to teach in Africa. He returns and she takes him back. Fiction can be fun.



Elvis was an only child (surprise) who formed an unusually tight bond with his mom. He took emergency leave from the military to be by her side before she died. It was noted that even as an adult, The King and his mom would use baby talk and pet names with each other.



The 26 year old Russian All-Star still lives with his two-time Olympic gold medalist mom despite making ungodly amounts of money and even lets her cut his hair.