2020's pandemic has had it's way of mucking up things for just about everyone.  Graduations, funerals, weddings, even going out to dinner is not really an option.  Mother's Day is no exception to the affects of the COVID.

I'm dating a wonderful woman with an 8 year old, so I feel it's in a way my job to make sure her momma has a nice day.  Yeah flowers can and did happen, cards and candy too.  This special day seems to me like it has a blacker cloud over it more than I feel like it should.  That might be captain negative coming out, but I feel like it's accurate.  Everyone's stress level is higher, frustrations with schedule changes and not being around others as much when it's common for you to be social is no fun, and wears on your mental health.  Normally I would think we would have made all the rounds to the grandparent's places since you know, mothers too, but that's not how it went.

With social distancing, my love ended up just calling her mom.  I was able to stop over to see mine but it wasn't the normal bbq with my family that it usually is.  It was low key, drop a card and a gift, chit chat from a distance and head home.  Not the way I would have preferred to celebrate mom.

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I had a point when I started writing this, I think it's that I hope all of the mothers out there enjoyed their day as much as they can and know that they are appreciated  Trust that if you didn't get the day that you wanted because of the COVID, we'll do our best to make sure you are spoiled like you deserve when this crap is all over.

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