In an interview with Playboy, Shia confessed the sexiest woman he knows is his mom. And that’s after working closely with Megan Fox in two movies in which she played his girlfriend. We’ll let his quote speak for itself:

“She’s an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.”


Not a gamer? It’s cool. We’ll explain – Clement was the warden of a jail that had a secret government-funded underground laboratory to create stronger, more resilient soldiers. Clement finds it along with a project that might save his ailing mother’s life by placing her brain in a younger woman. It doesn’t take, the woman develops into a monster, and upon its defeat, Clement pleads to return to his mom’s womb. If that’s too subtle, the game heavily suggests the two were engaged in an incestuous relationship.


You can go on and on about how this kid’s a prodigy and is precocious, but let’s call ‘em as we see ‘em. He’s an only child. He appears soft. He has a ridiculously hot mom who shows him great affection and he’s apparently scared of butterflies or something.


The man with a thousand jobs was the executive producer for the reality dating show, Momma’s Boys, which ran for six episodes from December 2008 through January 2009 on NBC. The series followed mothers as they worked with their sons to find their perfect match. Wonder where he got that idea? Look no further than his own relationship with his mom, who stated she’ll decide who her son marries in an interview with Parade.


In the New York Times profile that ran before his squad was set to face the undefeated Patriots in the first of their two Super Bowls, Eli was outed as a mama’s boy by his own dad. Archie was quoted as saying, “Eli and (his mom) are certainly very close. They have that special bond that you see between mamas and their baby boys.” While Peyton and Cooper traded quips with their dad, Eli spent most of his time with his mom. While Cooper and Peyton got most of the attention and praise, the kid with the girly name who everyone crapped on, who everyone pegged as the little brother living in the shadow and would never live up to expectations has two Super Bowl rings and two Super Bowl MVPs.


Though we’ve never latched on to this show, we can’t ignore Howard’s situation. He still lives with his overbearing mother who usually treats him like he is still a child. Despite the frustration, Howard likes being “mothered” to some extent, which prompted Sheldon to diagnose Howard with having “an unresolved Oedipal complex”. Turns out his father left his family when Howard was 11. His mother bought him an ALF doll to help Howard try to get over it.



An LA-based journalist spent a year with Mr. Cameron to write his profile for the New Yorker. In it, she suggests the archetypal female heroines in Cameron films are all be based on his mom since he talked about her all the time. Easy to see why, she raced stock cars, volunteered in the army and could assemble a gun blindfolded.



Yeah we would probably crap our pants if we saw dead people, too, so we’re not downplaying that. But, ghosts aside, this 9 year old is the prototypical mama’s boy. Only child. No dad. Scared of everything. We’re not blaming him, kid got dealt a bad hand.



In 2003, Adrien famously hosted the Mother’s Day edition of SNL in which he and his mom had a hilarious exchange during the opening monologue. A-Bro’s also often spotted at public events snapping pics with his mother.



Here’s what we’ve seen throughout research – mama’s boys are either the only son, the only child, or the youngest son. Byron “Buster” Bluth falls into the latter category. The immature, inept, perennial student is extremely sheltered thanks to his mother Lucille who uses fear to keep him at bay (presumably since she’s lost her powers of the other siblings?).