Still lives with his mom well into his late 30s and has hooked up with so many chicks at weddings, he upped the ante and preyed on the gorgeous grieving at funerals. The skateboard his mom kicks away and the cartoons on TV were dead giveaways of Chazz’s mama’s boy status. MOM! THE MEATLOAF!



Jake’s close with his entire immediate family, but no one’s closer than his mom, Oscar-winning screenwriter Naomi. Now, his dad didn’t abandon them, they’re not divorced to our knowledge and he wasn’t coddled as a kid. Yet, you hang with your mom at awards shows and you get this label. He has dated a string of women, but at age 31 it might be presumptuous to think he’s only got room for his mom.



The Grammy-winning “Motherlover” saw his parents divorce in 1985 then marry other partners. His mother runs an entertainment company called Just-in Time Entertainment. Unlike other Mama’s Boys mothers, JT’s mom was devastated when her baby boy broke up with Britney. Before finally popping the question to Jessica Biel, Justin admitted he had problems with girls and added that he’ll never find a woman as good as his mom. He’s seen Biel naked, right? Geez.



Sometimes you’re the only child and other times you’re the only son. Kobe is the youngest of three children and the only boy. He also spent most of his childhood in Italy, a country notorious for close-knit mother-son relationships. Many have said his mom’s a gold digger, which might have influenced his decision to marry his first wife. Kobe’s reputation as a mama’s boy mostly stems from fan backlash over his attitude and not his skill.



Even though his mom discarded the music lessons and record player the family owned as unnecessary luxuries, Liberace so thoroughly incorporated her into his act that fans thought of her as their own mother. When she suffered a heart attack his fans flooded her hospital room and house with flowers and cards. Upon her death in 1980, the 66 year old flamboyant entertainer confessed, “I’m finally free.” Thus proving that love isn’t only a battlefield, it can be a prison.



The top ranked tennis player and Gold medalist is the oldest of two kids, the younger being his sister. His mom’s a housewife who separated from her husband, Raff’s dad, in 2009. In September 2011, he cramped up at the US Open Media Center, which prompted his mom to rush to his aid and cause mega-ton embarrassment.



The most powerful former member of SOLDIER and heroic veteran of the Shinra Wutai war discovered he was the product of an experiment that combined a human fetus with tissue from an extraterrestrial lifeform. Once he learned that alien was his mom and the she tried to conquer the planet years ago, he decides to follow in her footsteps.



He was the first of their eight children and, in accordance with tradition, his parents favored him over his siblings from the early stages of his childhood. Freud began exploring his own dreams and childhood memories. During this self-analysis, he became aware of the hostility he felt towards his father and also became convinced that he had developed sexual feelings towards his mother in infancy (“between two and two and a half years”), citing a memory of seeing her naked on a train journey. He was once quoted as saying, “I found in myself a constant love for my mother, and jealousy of my father. I now consider this to be a universal event in childhood.”



This one’s a no-brainer. His mom’s from Sicily and in true traditional Italian families, the moms lavish their sons. He fully admits he’s a mama’s boy and his actions last season proved just that; when he grew homesick for mom’s cooking and hospitality. That and he runs through chicks with his monster manicotti in the smoosh room. He constantly talks about how he’ll never find a woman as good as his mom.



Woody’s the reason we celebrate Mother’s Day – he signed the observance into resolution in 1914. Woodrow’s not even his real first name, it was Thomas; he dropped it in favor of his middle name, which just so happened to be his mom’s maiden name.