If you're looking for a new job, there isn't a better place to be than the 10th Annual Northland Career Fair on Wednesday, April 24.

As one of the largest career fairs in northern Minnesota, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with at least 53 employers who are looking to hire current and future positions.

According to the City of Duluth, job openings cover an array of fields including IT, engineering, hospitality, health care, finance, utilities, mining, government, transportation and manufacturing.

The Northland Career Fair is April 24, from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. inside Pioneer Hall at the DECC.  Parking will be free during the event.

There are several terrific reasons to attend:

  • Have your resume reviewed by local Human Resource professionals and CareerForce staff.
  • Get your Complimentary LinkedIn photo taken by a professional photographer.
  • Stop by the Interview Snapshots area and work out those interview jitters.
  • Post your resume on MinnesotaWorks.net.

Organizers recommend that attendees arrive dressed to impress and be as engaging as you can, just as you would in a formal job interview.  They also suggest that you:

  • Develop a 20-second that includes your work background, related skills and training and areas of interest.
  • End your introduction with a question for the recruiter, to help start a conversation.
  • Practice delivering your introduction slowly and clearly, with enthusiasm and a smile.
  • Offer a copy of your resume or business card.
  • Research your targeted companies before you attend the fair.
  • Know the schedules that you're able to work

You can follow the link below for complete Northland Career Fair information, including a list of employers scheduled to be at the event.

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