I have always liked trains, and have many times seen the steam powered ones at Duluth's Depot but have yet to be able to hop aboard one for a ride.  While I have been on their diesel ones, the steam powered train seems just more cool.  It's way old school.

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday The Depot will have steam locomotive #28 rolling it's white clouds all weekend long.  Each day the train will leave The Depot in Duluth and head to Two Harbors at 10AM.  Throughout the rest of the day they will have their normal schedule of train excursions and events including "The Elegant Dinner Train" and also "The Music and Pizza Train".

The Depot is a great venue for tourists and even Duluth locals with lots to see and learn.  It's fun for the whole family and how cool would it be to be able to grab a seat on a historic steam train!  Get more information on dates and times here.


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