It's very close to the beginning of a new school year.  While you may not exactly know what school is going to look like for your kids, it's happening in some form.  It might be in person, or a hybrid mix of in person and online, or even just straight up homeschooling them.  Regardless of how it happens, it will, and you might be in need of school supplies.

I've helped with school supply shopping before and it isn't always cheap.  The Duluth Gospel Tabernacle is having a great event to help out the community.  On Saturday, August 15th, from 11:00AM-1:00PM they will be giving out free school supplies.  There will also be a free lunch and random backpack giveaways.

You can just show up to the event but if you pre-register your kids, there is a chance at winning a $50 Walmart gift card. You can handle that pre-registration HERE.  The event is taking place at Harrison Park, located at 3000 West 3rd Street in Duluth.  From what I understand items can go pretty fast at this event, including the more sought after backpacks.  So make sure you get there early and get that pre-registration done.

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It's nice to see different organizations helping out the community, especially with many having work and income impacted by the still here COVID-19.  Anything to help this upcoming school year's uncertainty be less stressful, is a good thing.

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