Every year and sometimes more often St. Louis County, which is actually quite large in size, holds an auction.  Up for grabs is either land, or actual property sites that were tax forfeited.

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Usually when these happen there are some sites that are really not that great but once in a while there are some real gems in the list.  Bidding is currently open and will close on Thursday, October 7th at 11:00AM.  There are properties all over the place from Duluth to Virginia, Hibbing, and all over really with over sixty different ones are in this lot.

Like last year, all of the bidding is online and much like in person, that means that if you are in the running for a parcel, you will want to be by your computer or phone at the time of close to make sure no last minute people beat you out.

If you do plan on bidding, read the property description very closely, as there are often times some unique situations that as the winning bidder, you might not want to deal with.  There does appear to be some decent hunting land up for grabs, and there are a few houses in the Duluth area as well.  Even if you aren't in the market, it might be worth a look at some of them with the way property value currently is, you just might get one for a hell of a deal and be able to turn it around for a profit.  You can find out more about the bidding process, registering, and more information about the properties HERE.

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