I've been drinking more bourbon lately and while I have a few brands that are my go-to selections, I often try ones new to me based on the bottle.  Like other forms of alcohol, a company will use their labeling and bottle style as marketing to get you to try it.  Apparently, that works on me.  Not exactly in a bottle, the other night while on a wine run, I noticed bourbon in a can.

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The brand is Stillhouse and it comes in a stainless steel can.  While they had other flavors, I opted for the Black Bourbon, which is mellowed in roasted small batch coffee beans.  Being a coffee fan, and I mean real coffee, not a cup filled with sugar and flavored cream, I had to try it.  Plus, it's in a can, unlike others in a bottle, so once again clever marketing suckered me in.

Part of it being in a can is the idea that it can go places bottles can't.  Thinking about that, I remember some camping trips with bringing in bottles and always worrying about them breaking before the beverage can be enjoyed.  Stillhouse also mentions on their website that it chills faster, since it's in that can.


I opted to try it first at room temp without any ice.  It's definitely not the smoothest bourbon I've had.  It has a slightly harsh edge to it and probably would be best for mixing a cocktail.  For $29.99, I can find less expensive mixers.  I might buy it again if in one of those situations where hauling a can around is easier, but for the price point, it really isn't worth it for 750ML.  Even after letting it hang on the rocks for a while, I'd still buy a bottle of Woodford Reserve over this stuff.  As far as the coffee taste, Jamseon Cold Brew has this beat by miles as well.  If you do want to check it out, you can read more about the bourbon in a can HERE.

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