Boo! The story behind this haunted school is so spooky it may keep you up tonight.

I recently went to Lake Of The Woods with my family and was surprised when my aunt mentioned a haunted school not too far from her place there in Williams, Minnesota. I immediately demanded that she give me more information because I was so intrigued!

She did me one better: she took me to the haunted place itself. We didn't go inside but we did get to drive by and stare at it for a bit. Just by looking at the building, it is obvious it has an interesting backstory. It also looks very, very creepy.

The building was once a school and now sits abandoned. Local legend says that it is haunted by students and teachers that once went to the school and by those that used to reside in the same spot the school was built on. Spooky!

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So why would this school be haunted? According to a mini-documentary on the location, there was an accidental wildfire in the spot on October of 1910. Sadly, the wildfire killed around forty-two people. The school was built in the same location a year later in 1911.

Wow! It is no wonder that the building is supposedly haunted. Locals seem to stay away from the school, which sits directly across from a church. The building is also said to be filled with asbestos, which makes it unsafe to explore and dangerous to knock down.

It is still pretty neat to drive past, though. It is also neat to hear the history of the small town and the legend behind this building. Williams, Minnesota is just about four hours from the Duluth area, near the Canadian border.

If you want to learn more about it and take a look inside, you can take a look at that documentary I mentioned below:

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