Most of us directly know someone that has battled with cancer at some point.  It of course impacts the individual with it, but also their family, friends, and others.  I can't imagine the challenges someone goes through when they hear from their doctor about a diagnosis like that.

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Thankfully there are plenty of foundations and groups that are all about helping those in need.  Not just while someone is dealing with cancer, but before people even have it, usually by funding research and providing education.

One such organization is the St. Luke's Foundation.  Not only focusing on cancer, but they also help provide support to patient care, research, and community health.

With a focus on breast cancer, there is an upcoming fundraising event where the St. Luke's Foundation has teamed up with the Superior High School Girls Volleyball Team.

On Tuesday, October 3rd from 6:00PM-8:30PM the fundraiser held at Superior High School will be the venue for Dig Pink.  Just $6 will get you in, and there will be raffles, a silent auction, and much more.  All of the proceeds for the evening will go towards breast cancer research, education, and helping families in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Not that we don't need cancer help everywhere, but it is nice that the money stays localish to our region.  With that in mind, those funds might just help out someone you care about down the road.  If you can, try and make a point to at least stop out and donate what you can to the cause and give a thanks to the Superior High School Girls Volleyball Team for being part of a great fundraising event.

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