With Valentine's Day right around the corner, my wife noticed something kind of neat at the Superior Public Library.

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She had simply stopped in to get a library card as she's been on a reading kick again, and our ten year old is always about reading.  All over the library she noticed random displays with wrapped up books.  "Blind Date with a Book" is what the outer jacket said on each one, and some with suggested age ranges.

To me, this is kind of like Netflix making a choice for you, instead of just scrolling and scrolling and not actually picking anything to watch.  It makes sense, especially for people like me who often have several books I might want to read, but can't figure out which to get into first.  Let someone else decide, and just roll with it.

Blind Date with a Book Reveal- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Blind Date with a Book Reveal- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

It's a great idea too, as if you do get into that Blind Date with a Book, and you're not quite vibing with it, you can just return it to the library.  Much easier than bailing from a real life blind date.

I'm assuming they are only running this until Valentine's Day or shortly after, but maybe that works well for you if you're not planning on much for that night.  Sit down, have a cocktail, and have a date with literature that's new to you.


The Superior Public Library always has plenty going on at little or no cost.  If you haven't yet, also check out their whole month of February "Love Your Local Artist" event.

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