Cromwell is roughly a forty five minute drive from the Duluth/Superior area.  So it's not a far jaunt if you're looking for something to do with the whole family.

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I don't mean just driving to Cromwell any normal day, I'm talking about heading there for their annual Harvest Festival.  For 2021, they will be holding the event with a theme to tribute 9/11 on it's 20th anniversary.

It kicks off on Friday, September 10th, and runs through Sunday, the 12th.  To say there is something for everyone is quite the understatement.  They aren't messing around with all of the events, activities, and entertainment to enjoy.  For the specifically the kids, there will be a relay race, balloon toss, tug of war, and a scavenger hunt.  You will also find plenty of local arts and crafts vendors, and of course food.  On the entertainment side of things, there will be a beer garden, street dance, live music in the park, and bingo.

The Cromwell Harvest Festival also features a parade but it's not a rolling one, it's at a stand-still.  So you can get up close to the floats, displays, and cars and really check things out.  Being that it does have the 9/11 tribute them to remember those who lost their lives, they will have a moment of silence to observe that.  It will be held on 9-11 at Noon at the town Pavillion with the Honor Guard presenting colors and the Cromwell/Wright High School Band providing the music.  The whole event is a nice way to spend some time with the family and also not forget that tragic event from twenty years ago.  You can get more information on the whole Festival including details on being a vendor or parade participant HERE.

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