It's getting closer to Halloween and regardless of if you participate in that or not, it's certainly pumpkin season.  You can use them for decor, carving, harvesting the seeds, or even use the guts for recipes.  They are also fun to shoot, out in the woods that is, not off of someone's porch.  I mean, I'm sure that's fun too, but probably not something you should do.  Regardless of what you use a pumpkin for, you can pick them for a small fee and that will help out those in the community.

The Duluth Community Garden Program is having their first ever U-Pick Pumpkin Patch Event.  It's on Saturday October 10th, and Sunday, October 11th.  On Saturday it will be from 9:00AM-Noon, and Sunday you can go from 2:00PM-5:00PM.  It's free to roam around and look, and large pumpkins will cost you just $6.00, with smaller ones going for $4.00.  It's a good activity that will get you and the family outdoors enjoying our so far pretty nice fall in the Twin Ports.

The event both days is at the Cook Home, located at 2716 West Arrowhead Road in Duluth.  There will of course be social distancing measures in place and guidelines to follow.  Please remember to bring your masks, and hand-washing stations will be available for you and the family to use.  You can get more information on this event by calling 218-722-4583.

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