I recently purchased a 2020 Harley Davidson Street Glide and one of the first things most people do to a Harley is change the exhaust.  The stock exhaust is setup to meet emission standards and is usually pretty choked down giving you less sound.

I'm new to touring bikes with this Street Glide, and I've heard plenty of models over the years with decent aftermarket pipes.  Not as many though with the more recent Harley Milwaukee 8 motor.  I listened to dozens of exhaust videos on my phone or laptop, none of which ever do any exhaust justice.  One that caught my eye though because it's new for 2020 was the Vance & Hines Torquer 450.  It's a 4.5" muffler that looks good and Vance & Hines claims it is designed for the best sound and performance for the M8 engines.

I ordered a set of just the mufflers, leaving the stock header pipe in place to start.  The mufflers look great on the bike and definitely added some thumping bass to the exhaust note at idle.  With higher engine revs, they sing pretty nicely.  They were however still too quiet for my taste.  The mufflers alone don't quite give you that Harley sound I've experienced with other V & H exhausts I have had.  So I dropped more coin and decided to add the Power Dual headers also offered by V & H.

Vance & Hines Power Dual Headers- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Vance & Hines Power Dual Headers- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
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While pricey, that was what those mufflers needed.  Having no catalytic converter opens things up really well.  If you're in the market for a Harley touring model exhaust, I'd recommend the Torquer 450, as long as you switch out the header pipe too.  It's a nice ground thumping deep setup with the cackle a bike should have.  My Street Glide with the Milwaukee 8 really sounds like a Harley now.

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