This afternoon, just 4 days before Thanksgiving, we are headed over a friend's home for our annual Friendsgiving celebration.

Now, maybe you have heard of a Friendsgiving celebration or even participate in one or three.  I have talked to several people in the last couple of weeks though, who had never heard of it.  I just describe it as a bunch of friends and yes family too, getting together to be thankful for anything and everything.  Everyone brings something to contribute whether that be food or beverages and it's basically an excuse to bring everyone together.

I've heard of it being celebrated many ways, some with games, some watching a football game, and others somewhere in between.  So it's simply another Thanksgiving but however you want it to be.  At the one I attend, usually end up in the kitchen with the women as all the guys are huddled around the tv for football.  That works for me, I don't really care about sports and it puts me closer to the food.

Do you celebrate a Friendsgiving?

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