Everyone has their favorite worn out concert t-shirt from their favorite band. You put it on and instantly you're taken back to your younger days. It's sad to see the direction that music sales are going today. Some of the biggest box stores that you could always rely on, no longer sell CDs. Everything is digital and downloadable. A bit impersonal if you ask me.

Kids today will never have to deal with the irritation of having to manually rewind a cassette tape with a pencil because your tape player ate your tape. Or the delicate balance of playing records, one bump could ruin the whole album with a giant scratch. Granted, music delivery, and methods of listening to music have improved since those days, but nothing will compare to opening the latest release from an artist or band and being able to look at all the artwork inside, reading the words to the songs and the personal messages from the band themselves.

When it comes to band merch however, I'm always happy to see the merch tables are set up just like they used to be. Bands back in the day, really knew how to promote themselves with various items of merchandise, and some that would go on to become high dollar collectibles. In this next edition of Shari & Chris Take on the World, we discuss some of the legends of merchandising. If there are any bands we forgot, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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