I've had this list for quite some time, so some of the mentions might pertain to those that are a little more, "seasoned", but most are still fairly relative.

You might be from Duluth if...

  • You talk about how good Duluth's water is.
  • You have more than one vehicle that does not run properly.
  • You keep a shovel in the back of your car, just in case.
  • You get mad when you get stopped by the lift bridge.
  • You know more than 1 person that has killed a deer without using a gun.
  • You know where I-35 stars.
  • You've ever licked frozen metal.
  • You avoid Canal Park in the Summer.
  • You know 5 people with the last name Anderson and none of them are related.
  • You've had to turn both the furnace and AC on in August.
  • You've ever bottomed out your car due to a pothole.
  • One day there's no snow, the next day there's three feet.
  • When giving directions, you say "go up here', or down here" instead of left or right.
  • You've ever lost your boot in the snow and had to step around barefoot looking for it.
  • You call Minneapolis and St. Paul "Da Cities".
  • You know someone who has been stuck at work for 24 hours due to snow.
  • Local doctors warn people not to shovel too much after a heavy snowstorm to avoid heart attacks.
  • You can spot a tourist because they're feeding the seagulls.
  • You break out the shorts as soon as the 40 degree weather hits after a long winter.
  • You know all the words to the Christmas City of the North Parade Song.
  • You've caught yourself saying " ya sure, you betcha."
  • You wear a parka and shorts at the same time and no one questions your sanity.
  • You have a secret fear that your brakes will suddenly go out while going down Lake Avenue.
  • You remember hanging out at the House of Donuts and eating a bear claw at 2AM.
  • You measure distance by time.
  • You participated in the 6th grade Square Dance Festival at the DECC.
  • You've ever skated at Saint's Roller Rink.
  • You remember where the "multi-level lighted dance floor" bar was.

There were a lot more on this list, but if you have some you'd like to share feel free to list them in the comments below.

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