A lot of us have been on the regular Glensheen tours and have even been on some of the special ones that reveal just a bit more of the rare items that the estate still holds.  An opportunity is coming up this week though to see even more of those hidden from the public items.

Milissa Brooks Ojibway is Glensheen's Collections Manager and she will be showcasing various items from the Glensheen collection so the public can enjoy them.  Part of these items being rarely seen is because of their fragile nature and age making it harder to display them from day to day.  Not only will you be able to view some of these objects but an in-depth history will be given on each one as well.  Of course you will be able to ask questions too.

The event called "Secrets of Glensheen" is free and open to the public. Guests are able to enter at the front door of the mansion. The event will take place in the Amusement Room November, 14th from 7PM-8PM held at 3300 London Road in Duluth.  More information on this event can be found here.

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