When it comes to GoPro, this guy is no pro.

This man borrowed his son's GoPro camera to capture all of the magic of his vacation to Las Vegas. One teeny tiny problem, though: he was never instructed how to use the camera, so he wound up recording everything in selfie mode.

You know what that means. When he walked down the Strip and he snapped away when he saw that one-legged transvestite hooker, the best shot he got was of his jaw falling on the ground, causing that middle-aged couple from Wichita to jump out of the way while they make their way to the Luxor to see the pyramids and try their hands at the slots before heading out that night to see Carrot Top.

This may be the modern-day equivalent to taking pictures in the pre-digital era and not realizing there was no film in the camera. Except this can be shared with the entire world, which is a new type of behavior for your dad to dad to embarrass you.

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