It's hard to believe that it's almost Halloween and it will be time for parties and candy and plenty of spooky events.

It also means getting all pagan and evil by carving pumpkins.  Some people do this as a family and others have big gatherings where they invite everyone and make a day out of it.  After all, the most common Halloween decoration probably is a carved pumpkin that troublemaking kids can then destroy all over your sidewalk and yard.

My family gets together to do some carving, but they like to do it well in advance of Halloween.  I've brought this up, but no one seems to care.  It's nice when your carved pumpkin is already drooping and turning to much before the big day.  So when is the best time to carve a pumpkin as the countdown to Halloween is on?

Three to Five days before Halloween, or before your party is what the internet suggests so that the pumpkin is still in it's peak freshness form.  So if your party is the weekend before Halloween, carve some then for that specifically and then if they aren't quite up to par maybe carve some more if you want the front of your house display to look good.  I'm sure you are still going to do whatever you want, but if you can't wait to carve and want to extend the life of that pumpkin there are some tips and tricks you can check out in the video above.

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