My girlfriend is really good about proper recycling and reuse of materials we consume.  I'm decent at it, but there is always room for improvement.  She just moved in, in June, and asked if I'd be game to build a compost bin of sorts in the yard for our food waste.  I'm down, though with everything going on from the move and other home projects, it's been bumped to my next year list.  There are local options in the Twin Ports to dispose of food waste.

Composting either yourself or bringing it to a facility that will do it for you is a big help to the environment.  In a landfill, that waste increases methane emissions, so composting reduces that and thus reduces our carbon footprint.  Compost can later be used for gardening as it will help to enrich the soil, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

If you aren't composting at home, WLSSD has many options for dropping off compost materials.  Think of items that are or were edible.  Basically any food items and this even includes coffee grounds and the filter if you are still using the paper kind.

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If you do drop-off at one of their disposal sites, please keep in mind and practice social distancing.  Also, make sure that you use compostable bags, plastic grocery bags are a big no.  You can get the full list of what is allowed and hat isn't, practices and procedures, and locations of WLSSD Compost Sites HERE.


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