More and more people are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and cases in Minnesota have been on the downward slide.  While things are getting more back to normal and lots of outdoor activities are getting planned for the summer, many places are still putting together virtual offerings.  It's still a good option to stay safe and get to feel like you're part of something.

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One of my favorite places to tour in the Twin Ports is The Depot.  They have something for people of all ages and I always learn something new there.  4-H and The Depot have teamed up and are offering several behind the scenes tour opportunities that are free to sit in on.  They are each an hour long, and in particular are geared towards students in grades 5-8.

The virtual sessions are packed with educational information and cover various history across Northeastern Minnesota.  The next one is on Thursday, March 18th and will cover woodworking and forestry.  Following that the week after on March, 25th will be one on theater and The Depot.  Both run from 7-8:00PM, and while it's setup for younger people, anyone can attend.

The Zoom presentations are live and there is also an interactive aspect so you can chat and participate.  You can get more information about both of these events including the link to register in advance HERE.  Please note, another reason for the virtual events at The Depot is because they are currently closed to the public for tours until April 1st.  It's currently being used as a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.  Just a heads up that you'll be able to go see the trains in person soon.

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