Get competitive with your co-workers at this annual event the YMCA puts on.  Going into it's 4th year, it's an invite to get out and celebrate wellness in the workplace.  It also helps with team building skills and communication and also helps to support the YMCA, so it's good for the community.

Featured events include things like tug of war, rock climbing, bags, a puzzle hunt, ladder toss, dodge ball, gunny sack races, battle balls, and more.   Everyone registered will receive a t-shirt and guest pass for the event.  There will also be an after party featuring free food and drink.

They are encouraging the teams be co-ed as much as possible, and the cost varies from $225-$275 per team which is for 6-10 people.  It's on Friday, February 15th, 2019 at the main Y in Duluth, Minnesota from 12:30PM-4:30PM and the after party starting at 4:30PM.

You can register online here or by calling the YMCA at 218-722-4745.


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