The City of Duluth has announced that the Duluth Stream Corps of Community Action Duluth will begin removal of invasive species this fall in Lincoln Park, starting in October.  

According to the City, the public can expect foliar spray of buckthorn and honeysuckle from October to November of 2018, followed by tree planting.

Then, in summer 2019, the group will return to remove an invasive Wild Parsnip patch just above 10th Street in Lincoln Park and continue replanting of trees. The removal of invasive plants allows native vegetation to flourish and creates a healthy ecosystem.

If you're in the area, you'll likely notice piles of cut buckthorn around the project locations in Lincoln Park as noxious weeds are left on-site to prevent seed spread.  The cuttings will not be burned as they are close to homes in Lincoln Park.

The public is asked not to touch or remove the piles of buckthorn.  Also, contact with Wild Parsnip should be avoided as well since the plant's sap has the ability to inflict burns to the skin and can be transferred to pets.

Follow the link below to learn more about the Duluth Invaders initiative and how you can help.

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