In June of last year I got to see a band for the first time that I had listened to for years.  Iron Maiden made was set to make a stop in Saint Paul so me and a few of my brothers bought floor tickets.

I'll say first of all, I enjoyed every second of it, I should have gone to see them sooner.  The sound could have been a bit better though and per usual with any band with a bunch of albums, there will always be a song or two you want to hear but won't.  Maiden just kicked off their "Legacy of the Beast" Tour and have already started cranking out some stuff I would really like to see live.

The tour has it's first run all overseas at least through August and while I haven't seen any dates for the states listed yet, being the tour spans into 2019 I will assume it's making it's way here too.  Hopefully it does and we can see some of these rarely played live songs.

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