I had put a hold on purchasing more bourbon or whiskey for the house as our large cupboard could damn near stock a bar.  I do like to try different kinds of bourbons, but knew I needed to get through some of my current stock first.

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This didn't stop my wife from bringing home a bottle for me today.  Though, if we're being honest, she probably was curious to try this one too.  She brought home Knucklenoggin Salted Caramel Whiskey.

The bottle alone is cool enough for me to have grabbed, as I'm a sucker for marketing.  Though, I generally don't go out of my way to try many flavored whiskeys, as usually they are too sweet for my taste.  Knucklenoggin is 70 proof and is of course a blended whiskey.  Their website doesn't give much information about what whiskeys are blended into it, though it does state they are the "finest aged American whiskeys".  You can smell the caramel once you pop the fancy top, and it smells sweeter than it is.  The bottle tells you to shake it well and I did that before pouring it over ice for my first taste.

For me, it's borderline too sweet, but not so sweet that it's kept me from being three glasses in while writing this.  It's definitely a good sipper while on ice and while the caramel is there, the whiskey bite is there too.  The bite isn't very pronounced though, so even a non-whiskey drinker should be able to handle it, especially after it mellows a bit.  Knucklenoggin is probably going to end up as a staple in the cupboard as I'm sure the cocktails you can make with it will be quite stellar.  They even have one for making an Old Fashioned with it that caught my eye.  It's worth a try if you're looking for something new to drink, and you can get a full rundown of this blended whiskey including drink recipes HERE.

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