My family received an invite to hang out and do some grilling prior to Memorial Day weekend.  The hosts wouldn't let me contribute anything to the cooking cause which I hate, because I know that it's not cheap to entertain guests.  They did mention bringing a beverage, and that I did.

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My soon-to-be wife brought a couple of bottles of wine and I made a trip to the liquor store for a bottle of bourbon.  With no particular brand in mind, I knew I wanted something decent to offer as a token of my appreciation for putting up with us for a few hours and feeding us delicious grilled meat.

I'm a fan of Knob Creek bourbon, but I had never tried their Single Barrel Reserve 9.  It boasts 120 proof and they guy at the liquor store gave that approving nod when I handed it to him for scanning at the counter.  As in my previous thoughts on bourbon, I'll remind you that I'm no snob.  I'm more of a, if it's good it's good kind of guy.  Being that this is 120 proof, I thought it would be a little more harsh, but I assure you it's not bad.  It's more of a refined harsh, as in it has the flavor profiles to let you know it's there, but the aging process took off the edge and it's quite addictive.

I drank it on just a few rocks with a cigar, and even neat, this bourbon will be a treat for you.  It does fall into that over $50 a bottle category, but not by much and once you sip it, the price won't matter.  I left what we didn't drink with our gracious hosts, but I will be adding this one to my cabinet as a staple.  Even now, I kind of want to go get another bottle.  This reminds me more of some $100 unblended single barrel bourbons I've had, so it's a great value.

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