Titled "Learn4Life - From Accident to Admission: Advances in Emergency Care", is a free community event for the general public and also medical professionals to learn about the advances in pre-hospital emergency care and also the research going on to improve trauma care.

Emergency care throughout our communities is a coordinated effort by multiple agencies to help people involved in incidents that cause serious illness or injury.  This can include ambulance teams, police and fire, and many others.  One of the great things about the times we live in is the advances in technology and also knowledge of the human body and various treatment techniques that are prolonging life in the event of serious trauma until the individual can reach a hospital.

Anyone who wants to learn more about these advances in our community may attend but you do need to pre-register by calling 218-576-0709.  The event happens on Thursday, May 23rd from 5PM-7PM at Clyde Iron Works at 2920 West Michigan Street in Duluth.  You can also register here.


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