Giving blood is on of those things that can really make a big difference.  You see blood drives going on quite often, and that's because of the need for blood supplies for area hospitals.  While all types are generally needed, there is usually a higher demand for O negative and O positive.

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Giving blood is easy and convenient and takes only about an hour of your time.  It's an extreme act of kindness to donate, and that blood just may save the life of someone close to you.  Even with the global pandemic going on, there are still plenty of opportunities to safely donate.

Memorial Blood Centers and St. Luke's Hospital are having a blood donating event on Wednesday, March 3rd in Duluth.  It will be from 8:00AM-4:00PM, and while you can just walk-in to donate, pre-registration is encouraged to help with social distancing.  Registering in advance also will help to lower wait times and make the whole process more streamlined.  Please remember if going to donate that you are in good health, free of anti-biotics for at least 24 hours, and symptom free from a cold or the flu for at least 3 days.  Also, you need to be 17 or older to donate or at least 16 with written consent from a parent.

Keep in mind that you will need to wear a face mask when donating blood this event.  It will take place at St. Luke's located at 915 East 1st Street, and you can register to help out HERE.

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