It's crazy to think that every two seconds someone needs blood.  Between accidents or surgeries, the need is always there.  In the time it takes you to read even the first few sentences on this page, quit a few people will have been given blood.  Now more than ever there is a need, especially because of the impact that COVID-19 had due to the lack of donation events for quite a long while.

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If you give blood, of course you do it to help others, but when you donate with Memorial Blood Centers, it helps to give hope to patients in our community.  Just think, it could be you or a loved one that is in need of blood.  It's incredibly easy to donate and only takes about an hour of your time.  One hour to potentially make a big difference in someone's life, and maybe even save their life.

While all types of blood are needed, demand is high right now for O negative and O positive.  So if you fall into that category, you are especially needed.  Memorial Blood Centers will be setup with this bus in the Lake Superior College parking lot on Thursday, April 8th from 9:30AM-4:00PM.  They will also throw in a free t-shirt for helping out the cause.

For the event, they do want you to register in advance as this helps to reduce wait times while you are there.  The events go much more smoothly when it's done this way and you know exactly when to show up.  If donating, remember that you need to be in good health and free of anti-biotics for the last 24 hours, and also symptom free from a cold of the flu for at least three days.  You can get more information on donating blood at Lake Superior College including the details for registering HERE.

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