Minnesota deer rifle season wraps up today after a few weeks of families, friends, and everyone in between getting together to hunt deer, or just do a lot of drinking.  This year I didn't shoot a deer and I'm totally fine with that.  Mostly because I didn't put in the stand time that I have in the past, also, because I missed one.  I know, as many have said "don't miss", well, I did and I have no good excuse as to why.

We hunt in the Independence Minnesota area, out of a land lease shack, and deer were aplenty this year according to the sign everywhere.  My brother Ben popped a nice sized spike and my dad shot the spots of off 3 small male fawns.  For me, it's not about getting a deer, yes I like venison, but in reality by the time you factor in supplies, the license, processing, fuel, and everything else I could damn near just buy a side of beef and be done.  It's about the family time though.  My dad loves that we come and share shack time with him, and we enjoy it too. What I've always appreciated about my dad is there is no hardcore hunting if you don't want to.  If you want to sleep in, you sleep in, if you want to watch movies all day and be the camp cook, you can.

I do wish more of my siblings would be able to join us, and hopefully next year more can and maybe next year I won't miss a deer.  How was your 2018 season?

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