Legally, Minnesota Rifle Deer Season kicks off tomorrow, November 7th.  They might not be shooting yet but in spirit of things, opener eve is basically the start.  The start of families and friends coming together to drink, BS, laugh, fight, and hopefully shoot a deer worth telling stories about.

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While a lot of deer shacks are in remote locations, nowadays, most people have mobile phone service where they hunt.  Yeah, it's nice to get away from the technology for a few days, but what about music?  If you do have that cell signal where your deer camp is, make sure to have the Sasquatch App downloaded to your phone.

Deer Rifle on Wood Pile- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Deer Rifle on Wood Pile- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

All deer season long you can keep the Squatch cranked at camp.  When hunting on the weekends which is what most people do, we have plenty to offer in our line-up of entertainment.

On Saturday you can catch Sammy Hagar's Top Rock CountdownHouse of Hair with Dee Snider, and Nights with Alice Cooper.  Sunday offers plenty as well, kicking off with Time Warp with Bill St. James, a little later in the day you'll get Monsters of Rock with Harlan, Live in Concert, and the night ends getting you classic metal and classic rock with Eddie Trunk Rocks.  There are plenty of reasons to crank up Sasquatch 92.1 all deer season long and  to all of the hunters out there, good luck from all of us on The Squatch!


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