It's the eve of Minnesota's rifle deer hunting season.  That means families, friends, deer shack neighbors, and more unite to bag a deer, or just drink and have fun.

Deer Rifle on Wood Pile- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Deer Rifle on Wood Pile- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I get to spend the time with my dad and several of my brothers.  I'm no hardcore hunter by any means, I just enjoy the time with family regardless of what I shoot.  Whoever you hunt with, bring the Squatch with you all deer season long.  If you have one of those fancy deer shacks with Wi-Fi, or you use your mobile devices as a hot spot, you can stream us right off of SQUATCHROCKS.COM.  You can also just use our mobile app which you can download from our website or just do a search in your app store for Sasquatch 106.5, or click the link below for it.  Then you can pipe us through your Bluetooth speaker.  Also make sure to keep your notifications turned on for your chance at winning prizes from Sasquatch 106.5.

Good luck on the hunt this year!

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