For some people, it's the most important holiday of the year. Family is coming from all over, some even staying with you. There's the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the food, the parties. And don't forget, before all that, the decorations. Ugh, so stressful...

And now the crown jewel of all, the Tree. So, what do you go with? A traditional real Douglas Fir chopped down with your bare hands out in the back woods? No, of course not. Most people who opt to go with a real tree will go to some lot or someone's backyard and purchase one. Then comes the task of hoisting it on top of your vehicle or in the back of your truck, and tying or ratcheting it down all while trying to avoid getting covered in pine needles and sap.

Now you get home. You now have to do all that last stuff, but backwards. You also have to try to avoid ruining your doorframe trying to squeeze this big ball of Christmas cheer into your home, without fighting with your significant other. (This is where the alcohol can come into play) After you finally get the tree into position, you MUST remember to cut the bottom inch off of the tree and water it everyday, or else within a week it will look like this.


If you will notice the tree skirt is white, it is completely covered by the fallen pine needles. This tree is the very definition of defeat. This is a tree that my former roommate had gotten, and was initially very proud of, she did not cut off the bottom inch. She was very sad to witness it's demise.

So I think by now you can tell where my vote lies. I have owned artificial trees for many years, and in my opinion, they are the way to go. I was able to carry my tree up my basement stairs on my own with one hand. It all fits into one box, the stand fits in there too. No fuss, no pine needles, no sap, no ruined door frames, no watering, no hauling away of the tree after either.

So now you can cast your vote, real vs. artificial!

I'll post the results soon!

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