On July, 11th Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson kicked off their tour together in Detriot, MI titled 'Twins of Evil-The Second Coming".  Since their first run together a couple of years back was so successful they decided to do it again.  While I haven't ever caught Manson live I have seen Rob Zombie many a times and it's always a great show, together I am sure it's a night to remember.

When major artists share the stage on these big tours they often join one another on stage for a song or two together.  For this run that is happening and they are covering the old Beatles track "Helter Skelter".  Rob and Marilyn took it a step further and even recorded it and threw in their own spin.  With technology these days they weren't even in the same country together when it was recorded.

There are no Minnesota stops for the tour at this point but they come close and you can see the full list of shows so far here.

Here is them performing the classic song live:

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