I hold police officers in high regard, they put their lives on the line to try and make our communities a better place.  That being said, the attitudes towards them are not always favorable as of late, part because of social media and part because like in any profession, there may be a bad egg or two that don't necessarily represent the whole group.

Starbucks is doing something that I think we need more of.  Their new initiative is called "Coffee with a Cop".  It provides a casual and welcoming opportunity for local law enforcement and the community to come together, get to know each other, and discuss local issues.

On Monday, April 8th from 9AM to Noon, Community officers Mike Jambor, and Ethan Roe will be at the Starbucks located at 331 West Superior Street.  Stop by if you can and take part in this opportunity to chat with our boys in blue and discuss any local issues you may have.

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