Let's get what I'm not saying out of the way before the internet people that read but don't process go spouting off.  This isn't a slam on teachers, I repeat, this isn't slam on teachers.  I have more respect for teachers than I can put into words.  In fact, during the whole COVID-19 BS, and half of it was BS, every teacher in America should have taken the chance to stand up and say "double our salaries".

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What this is, is my thoughts on a situation that happened last week.  My soon-to-be wife has a 9 year old daughter that is in third grade.  She was practicing for a play while masked up at school, and one of the students she was within six feet of for more than fifteen minutes popped positive for COVID-19.  We then got a phone call saying that she had to quarantine until June 4th.

We did what we were supposed to and kept her home.  This of course mucked up work schedules for both of us, but in the end, if it keeps people safe, it's worth it.  What irks me though, is what was actually going on for school when she was home.  What I witnessed coming home early on Friday was not school.  It wasn't her logged in to her provided computer receiving education, it was a joke.

I know there are only a few legit learning days left of school and I know it's only third grade, but considering how little actual school work most kids did during this pandemic, I would expect a little more towards the end of the year.  I came home to check on her and in over three hours I witnessed about 20 minutes of actual school work.  The rest of it was basically students chatting with each other and having dance parties in their individual home settings.  It's a joke, it's even more of a joke than the distanced learning was when the pandemic was in full swing.  My point is, why even make her or the other students go for the last couple of weeks when a kid is positive for COVID-19?  There isn't any actual education going on.  I would also challenge the people who made the rules and implemented the distanced learning during the pandemic, to prove that the kids learned even an eighth of what they normally would.  I know it's not the teachers, I'm just not impressed with the education system as a whole, that I've seen in Superior.

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