I'm a few days late, the 25th anniversary of Tommy Boy was on March, 31st.  It came out in 1995 and is still one of my favorite comedies.  Unfortunately Chris Farley isn't with us anymore, but his legacy will always live on through his films and his former SNL cast member family.

I remember the first time I saw Tommy Boy.  I will admit, some of the humor might have gone over my head being that I was a little young when it was released.  I recall belly laughing though at Chris Farley's in your face, over the top, acting.  His facial expressions alone could have made a great film, he truly was a legend like John Candy or John Belushi.

I had planned to show my girlfriend's daughter who is 8, the movie this weekend.  Plans changed though so it's slated for the next.  I can't believe how many people around my age haven't exposed their kids to this comedy masterpiece yet.  Tommy Boy is one of those films that I remember watching with my mom and I will never forget her laughing out loud right with me.  Do you remember the first time you saw Tommy Boy?

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